Wakefield Golf Club

Course Status

Standard: Course open. 4th & 17th on temporary greens.

Entrant List for 2021 Autumn Open Am-Am(Ladies,Gents or Mixed Teams)

150 players have been signed up for this competition as of 7:56 AM Friday 3rd December

Tim Appleyard (Horsforth)
Phil Archer (Wortley)
Andrew Armitage (Malton & Norton)
Kenneth Armitage (Malton & Norton)
Steve Ball (Styrrup Hall)
Trish Ball (Styrrup Hall)
Paul Barlow (Worsley)
Ken Beck (Wakefield (City of))
Craig Beetham (Brough Golf Club)
James Beetham (Brough Golf Club)
Tom Beetham (Brough Golf Club)
Roy Blunt (Hickleton Golf Club)
David Bordman (Oulton Hall)
Steven Britton (Hickleton Golf Club)
Paul Brookes (Styrrup Hall)
Philip Brown (Wakefield (City of))
Paul A Buckley (Worsley)
Andrew Burgess (Baildon)
Heather Butcher (2.3)
Nick Butcher (4.0)
Calum Butler (Pontefract & District Golf Club)
Dave Caines (Low Laithes Golf Club)
Michael Caines (Low Laithes Golf Club)
Susan Cartwright (Barnsley)
Tim Cartwright (Barnsley)
Joan Charnley-Brown (Wakefield (City of))
tony cole (Low Laithes Golf Club)
Ian Cook (Horsforth)
Glyn Cooper (Waterton Park)
Steve Cooper (Baildon)
Jamie Coote (Willow Valley Golf)
Hugh Crawshaw (Wortley)
Andy Croft (Wortley)
John Crosse (Woolley Park Golf Club)
Mark Crowther (Low Laithes Golf Club)
Andrew Cussans (Malton & Norton)
Paul Davies (Phoenix)
Peter Devaney (Thirsk & Northallerton)
Tom Dobson (Pontefract & District Golf Club)
Nick Duffin (Huddersfield Golf Club)
Martin Eagle (Dewsbury District Golf Club)
Mark Earnshaw (Meltham Golf Club)
Stewart Easdon (Thirsk & Northallerton)
Tom Egan (Pontefract & District Golf Club)
Steve Elsley (Horsforth)
Richard Eyles (Waterton Park)
Ian Feetham (Wath Golf Club)
Malcolm Fell (Styrrup Hall)
Will Fenton (Oulton Hall)
Philip Fielding (Wortley)
Peter Fletcher (Doncaster Town Moor)
Peter Frith (Styrrup Hall)
Steve Frost (Waterton Park)
Paul George (Wath Golf Club)
andrew gibbons (Waterton Park)
Duncan Gibson-Ford (Woolley Park Golf Club)
Adam Gill (Barnsley)
Darren Gill (Barnsley)
Kevin Gill (Barnsley)
John Greenhalgh (Willow Valley Golf)
Ross Groom (Waterton Park)
Russell Haigh (Woolley Park Golf Club)
Ian Halliday (Low Laithes Golf Club)
Stephen Hayes (Styrrup Hall)
Ray Hempstock (Styrrup Hall)
Patrick Howdle (Beverley & East Riding)
Frank Huby (Silkstone Golf Club)
Grant Hudson (Waterton Park)
Diane Jackson (Barnsley)
Mark Andrew Jenkins (Brough Golf Club)
John Jepson (Barnsley)
Alistair Johnston (Hessle Golf Club)
Andrew Johnstone (Beauchief Golf Club)
Garry Judge (Wath Golf Club)
Andrew Kilburn (Waterton Park)
Hee Sun Kim (Leeds)
ALAN KIRK (Wortley)
Stephen Lee (Dore & Totley Golf Club)
Phil Marshall (Waltham Windmill)
Brendan T Martin (Woodhall Hills)
Alan Mcloughlin (Waterton Park)
Darren Mcloughlin (Waterton Park)
Robert McTiffin (Chorley)
Brian Milnes (Wakefield (City of))
Jonathan Munson (Thirsk & Northallerton)
Neil Murray (Doncaster Town Moor)
Tim Nagle (Beauchief Golf Club)
Simon Neath (Baildon)
David O'Brien (Woolley Park Golf Club)
Paul O'Donnell (18.1)
Ross O'Donnell (24.6)
Michelle Oates (Barnsley)
Kevin Palmer (Waterton Park)
Daniel Payne (Waterton Park)
Jonny Payne (Waterton Park)
Corinne Peel (Styrrup Hall)
James Peel (Styrrup Hall)
Paul Prior (Dore & Totley Golf Club)
David Proctor (Low Laithes Golf Club)
Howard Quinn (Malton & Norton)
Dorothy Riley (Dewsbury District Golf Club)
Ben Ritson (Low Laithes Golf Club)
David Ritson (Low Laithes Golf Club)
Joe Ritson (Low Laithes Golf Club)
Pat Roberts (Dore & Totley Golf Club)
Peter Roberts (Dore & Totley Golf Club)
Keith Robinson (Styrrup Hall)
Penny Robinson (Styrrup Hall)
Elaine Rutter (35.0)
Malcolm Rutter (30.2)
Barry Seal (Wortley)
Calvin Sharp (Low Laithes Golf Club)
Charley Sharpe (Darrington)
David Shaw (Bondhay)
Jeffrey Smith (Barnsley)
Scott Smith (Willow Valley Golf)
June Son (Moor Allerton)
Kevin Sorby (Low Laithes Golf Club)
Richard Spink (Oulton Hall)
Kathy Stacey (Dore & Totley Golf Club)
Richard Stacey (Dore & Totley Golf Club)
Janet Steele (Barnsley)
Tim Steele (Barnsley)
Matthew Sutcliffe (Beverley & East Riding)
Scott Sutherill (Styrrup Hall)
Ian Taylor (Thirsk & Northallerton)
David Tilbrook (College Pines)
Neil Tilbrook (College Pines)
Michael Tinker (Normanton Golf Club)
Andrew Todd (8.4)
Andy Virr (iGolf)
Sally Wademan (Beauchief Golf Club)
Mark Walker (Outlane Golf Club)
Tim Whatmough (Sand Moor)
Graham Whitaker (Wortley)
Chris White (Dore & Totley Golf Club)
Jane White (Hallamshire Golf Club)
Marc Whittles (Wortley)
Mike Wilkes (Low Laithes Golf Club)
Lee Willetts (Hickleton Golf Club)
Chris Wood (6.8)
Nigel Wood (Low Laithes Golf Club)
Steven Wood (Willow Valley Golf)
Dave Woodward (Hickleton Golf Club)
Matthew Wright (Moor Allerton)
Paul WRIGHT (Cleckheaton & District)
Gary Wroe (Tankersley Park)
Paul Yates (Bondhay)
Soohyun (Ly) Yoon (Headingley Golf Club)

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