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Entrant List for 2022 August Bank Holiday Mixed Open Am-Am

120 players have been signed up for this competition as of 4:49 AM Saturday 13th August

John Ardley (Meltham Golf Club)
Marie Ardley (Meltham Golf Club)
Bernie Babington (Headingley Golf Club)
James Babington (Headingley Golf Club)
Dave Beardshall (Waterfront)
Brenda Bell (Headingley Golf Club)
Diana Bell (27.1)
Keith Bell (Headingley Golf Club)
Michael Bell (6.1)
Andy Bemrose (Bradley Park)
Linda Bemrose (Bradley Park)
Gary Beresford (Dukinfield)
Debbie Berry (Meltham Golf Club)
Robert Spencer Berry (Meltham Golf Club)
Freer Boddy (Cave Castle Hotel)
Dan Branson (Stanton-on-the-Wolds)
Gilly Branson (Stanton-on-the-Wolds)
Philip Brown (Wakefield (City of))
Darren Burgess (Dukinfield)
Joanne Burgess (Dukinfield)
Jeff Carr (Stanton-on-the-Wolds)
Vicky Carr (Stanton-on-the-Wolds)
Susan Cartwright (Barnsley)
Tim Cartwright (Barnsley)
Andrew Charnley (Barnsley)
Joan Charnley-Brown (Wakefield (City of))
Jayne Conboye (Hallamshire Golf Club)
Tina Conway (Headingley Golf Club)
Robert Dickinson (Waterfront)
Isobel Disney (Waterfront)
Lorraine Eagle (Dewsbury District Golf Club)
Martin Eagle (Dewsbury District Golf Club)
Sandra Edwards (Cave Castle Hotel)
Julie Ettenfield (Otley Golf Club)
Barbara Farmer (Meltham Golf Club)
Nick Firkins (Hallamshire Golf Club)
David Garside (Elland)
Jeanne Garside (Elland)
Karen Gledhill (Elland)
Anita Gll (Waterfront)
Annie Green (Elland)
Paul Green (Elland)
Susan Green (Worksop)
Trevor Green (Worksop)
Martin J Guest (Meltham Golf Club)
Sarah Guest (Meltham Golf Club)
Martin Hand (Elland)
Donald Harrison (Bradley Park)
Sheila Harrison (Bradley Park)
David Hart (Oulton Hall)
Julie Hart (Oulton Hall)
Marie Hessell (Hallamshire Golf Club)
Neil Hessell (Hallamshire Golf Club)
Raymond Hill (Beauchief Golf Club)
Vicky Hill (Beauchief Golf Club)
Alison Illingworth (Cave Castle Hotel)
John Illingworth (Cave Castle Hotel)
Bob Jamieson (Cleckheaton & District)
Lyn Jamieson (West End Golf Club (Halifax))
John Jepson (Barnsley)
Michelle Jepson (Barnsley)
Andrew Johnstone (Beauchief Golf Club)
Michael Kirk (Bedale)
Virginia ‘Ginny’ Kirk (Bedale)
Helen Lambert (Cleckheaton & District)
Steven William Edward Lambert (Cleckheaton & District)
Steven Leeming (Wakefield (City of))
Wendy Leeming (Wakefield (City of))
Jon Lester (Werneth Low)
Sally Lester (Dukinfield)
Daniel Lever (Wilpshire)
Gary Lig (12.4)
Yvonne Lig (32.4)
Jennifer Lineham (Headingley Golf Club)
John. W Lineham (Leeds)
Julie Ludwell (Pontefract & District Golf Club)
Maurice Ludwell (Pontefract & District Golf Club)
Alistair Meakin (Masham Golf Club)
Jackie Meakin (Masham Golf Club)
June Miller (Lees Hall)
Michael Miller (Lees Hall)
Ian Morris (Bedale)
Pauline Ann Morris (Bedale)
Linda Mullins (Wath Golf Club)
Michael Mullins (Wath Golf Club)
Annette Nuttall (Lees Hall)
Grant Nuttall (Lees Hall)
Barry Page (Willow Valley Golf)
DENISE PAGE (Willow Valley Golf)
Chris Palmer (Otley Golf Club)
Hilary Palmer (Otley Golf Club)
Cathy Peel (Dukinfield)
Malcolm Petrie (Headingley Golf Club)
Kevin Reid (Roundhay)
Sue Reid (Otley Golf Club)
Dorothy Riley (Dewsbury District Golf Club)
Pat Roberts (Dore & Totley Golf Club)
Peter Roberts (Dore & Totley Golf Club)
Chantelle Shaw (Pontefract & District Golf Club)
Jason Shaw (Pontefract & District Golf Club)
William R Smith (Normanton Golf Club)
Terry Snow (Otley Golf Club)
Sue Snow (Otley Golf Club)
Linda Spencer (Worksop)
Peter Spencer (Worksop)
Dan Stacey (Meltham Golf Club)
Janet Stacey (Meltham Golf Club)
John Stacey (Meltham Golf Club)
Kathy Stacey (Dore & Totley Golf Club)
Richard Stacey (Dore & Totley Golf Club)
Julie Stead (Normanton Golf Club)
Lorna Turner (Wath Golf Club)
Paul Turner (Rotherham Golf Club)
Sally Wademan (Beauchief Golf Club)
Kate Wadsworth (Meltham Golf Club)
Keith Wadsworth (Meltham Golf Club)
Christopher Wikeley (Otley Golf Club)
Helen Woolliscroft (Dukinfield)
Ian Woolliscroft (Dukinfield)
Jenny Young (Wilpshire)

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